Work Experience

Work Experience classes are unique opportunities that may be available at your school. This class is designed to give experiences in careers that a student might be pursuing. A student works with an off-campus coordinator at his/her school to secure a job placement in the community. 

Just like a regular high school class, credits are earned for time spent in class. 

75 hours = 3 credits

100 hours= 4 credits

125 hours= 5 credits


To get a work experience placement a student must take the following steps:


1. Complete the course "Workplace Safety Systems", also known as HCS 3000. This module is worth one credit. This course must be completed before showing up at a job placement. The module materials are given to the student by the off-campus coordinator. 


2. The student then considers a location where they would like to work. They approach the employer/supervisor and make a placement request. The off-campus coordinator gives the final approval on the placement. 


3. The final step is to complete a work agreement form. This form verifies that a student's parents/guardians with the placement and that the employer would like to work with the student. Signatures from the student, the potential employer, the parents, and the off-campus coordinator are required. Without this form, work cannot start. 


*Students are required to fill out montly time sheets that will be signed off by the employer and then handed in to the off-campus coordinator. 

*The grading for the course is jointly determined by the employer and the off-campus coordinator.