Cardston Scholarships

ATA Valedictorian Award

$500 award from the local Alberta Teachers Association is given to the top academic student. No application necessary. Principal McMurray calculates official grades. 

CHS Student of the Year

Chosen by CHS staff, this award goes to a student who through hard work and contribution, makes the school year better. This student has a strong academic work ethic, supports extra-curricular events, works well with peers, and has a great relationship with teachers. $400. No application necessary. 

CHS Atmosphere Awards

The CHS staff chooses students who brighten the atmosphere of the school and make it a great place for all. $100 for each student. No application necessary. 

E.J. Wood Memorial Scholarships

Mr. and Mrs. Glen E. Nielson donated Huskey Oil Canada Ltd. shares, in memory Mrs. Nielson's father, Edward James Wood, who promoted the Alberta university system. E.J. Wood scholars demonstrate academic excellence, character, and school involvement. A second scholarship recognizes academic achievement, initiative, and integrity. Up to $5000 for two or more students. Application required. See application link below. 

EJ Wood Scholarship 2021 



Willard Brooks Family Memorial Scholarship

Mr. Brooks' 50 year career included service as CHS's vice-principal and board trustee. His dedication to education, especially mathematics, was only matched to his committment to athletics as an athlete, organizer, and historian. $1000 each is offered based on post-secondary admission, academics, extra-curricular involvement, (especially athletic) and need.  See application link below. 


Willard Brooks Scholarship 2021

M. Shaun Marshall Memorial Award

This award is donated by the Marshalls, in memory of their son, who achieved a high school diploma despite overcoming physical obstacles. Likewise, this award is given to a student(s) who has overcome significant obstacles in achieving his/her diploma. $250. No application. 

Teresa Bowers English/Social Studies Award

To the top English/Social Studies students, Mrs. Bowers made a considerable donation which continues in perpetuity. For over 30 years she served with vigor, enthusiasm, and excellence. She made teaching an art. The top two combined student averages in Social 30-1/English 30-1 and Social 30-2 and English 30-2 will each receive $300 and $150 respectively. 

Simpson Markinch Ranches Ltd. Scholarship Awards

This perpetual scholarship originates from the substantial donation from Simpson Markinch Ranches Ltd. This fund uses interest to provide recognition for exceptional achievement in chemistry, biology, physics, and social studies.

Health Science Scholarship 2021

Scholarship provided by the Cardston and District Health Care Auxiliary Association for students pursuing a career in the health science field. See link below.


Health Science Scholaships 2021

Shirley Gibb Scholarship 2021

Given to a young woman who displays leadership skills and academic committment. See link below.

Shirley Gibb Scholarship 2021

Enmax Scholarship 2021

This scholarship is open to students in grade 12 that are completing the requirements of a high school diploma and have a minimum of a 65% average in grade 12. See link below for application information. 

Enmax Scholarship 2021