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Should You Live On Campus or Off Campus For College/University?

Many grade 12's are in the process of securing housing for college and/or university for the fall semester. Should you live on campus or off campus? Consider the following pros and cons:



1. LOCATION- you can't beat an on campus location. Imagine rolling out of bed 10 minutes before your class starts. Living on campus puts you right in the middle of the action and amenities. 

2. MEAL PLANS- most on campus housing has a variety of meal plan choices where you can eat right on campus and not worry about cooking.

3. TRANSPORTATION- you won't have many transportation costs or concerns when you live on campus. You won't even need a car because everything you need is usually within walking distance and security is present keeping you safe on campus. 

4. ACTIVITIES- there is always something going on and friends and peers are only steps away. 

5. FUNISHED- most on campus apartments come furnished and you only have to bring your personal items and bedding. 



1. COST- the cost of living on campus is usually higher than finding your own house or apartment. Cooking your own meals will definitely be cheaper than purchasing a meal plan on campus. 

2. PRIVACY- because there are always people around, privacy and quiet time may be limited. You may feel like you can never "get away". You may have to share your bathroom or room with others. 

3. SPACE- most on campus living spaces will be considerably smaller than an off campus situation. 




1. COST- if you hunt around, you are bound to find a lower cost living option than living on campus. 

2. PRIVACY & SPACE- you can choose whether or not to have a roommate and have more control over who that person is compared with an on campus setting. Off campus spaces are usually larger, especially if you live in a house versus an apartment. 

3. YOU MAKE THE RULES- when you find your own place, you make the rules, unlike the stringent rules of some campuses. 


1. UTILITIES- often utility bills are extra and can fluctuate depending on the season.

2.PARKING & TRANSPORTATION- if you live off campus you have to get yourself to school. You will have to take public transport or pay for parking at the school, which can be expensive. 

3. DISCONNECTION- because you are away from the school, you may feel a disconnect with campus life. 

4. FURNITURE- most off campus housing does not include furniture. You will have to find your own. 


Consider your personality, budget, and personal preferences when considering which living situation is best for you. 

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