Dual-Credit Opportunities

Dual Credit Courses

Did you know that high school students can get a jump start on their post-secondary education by earning college credit while still in high school?

Students can take “dual credit courses” as part of their high school program and receive credits toward their high school diploma, and at the same time, earn college credit – with NO tuition fees! 

Students should speak with their school's academic advisor to see what dual credit courses are currently offered and if dual credit is a good fit for them. 




Winter 2021 Dual Credit Opportunities

Olds College is offering some dual credit courses this semester. There are no tuition costs for these courses. Students are responsible for text book and materials costs. Courses run from February 22nd to May 11th. Please register before February 12th. For more information, please contact your school's academic advisor. 

Available Courses:

Course Name Course Description Course Materials Program Credits

AHT  1050

Intro to VeterinaryProfession

Students will become familiar with selected animal health organizations and the regulations of veterinary medicine in Alberta. Students are introduced to strategies and techniques for managing self and interacting with others. Students will examine animal welfare and ethical issues. This course provides students with foundational veterinary medical terminology they will use throughout their career.

No additional materials required Animal Health Technology Diploma

AHT 1140

Veterinay Practice:

The Team Connection

Students will become familiar with the aspects of the service cycle within a veterinary clinic. Students will explore veterinary software and their specific application to operating a veterinary practice. They will apply communication skills to create positive experiences for veterinary clients.

No additional materials required Animal Health Technology Diploma

EVS 1210

Applied Ecology

This course provides an introduction to ecological principles at the species, population, community and ecosystem levels. Specific application of ecology to sustainability and the management of forest and grassland ecosystems are studied.

Students will be required to print off the content book provided on Moodle for studying and reference

Land & Water Resources Diploma

In progress with Alberta Ed

ATG 1007

Agriculture Electronics and Control Systems

Students will investigate foundations of control systems, electronics and practical applications in precision farming. Through experiential learning, students will identify and troubleshoot components within hardware and devices, demonstrate uses/applications of geospatial technology, test control systems and their role inproduct application, evaluate hardware and software, program farm equipment, and demonstrate a proven process for identifying/troubleshooting components in Agricultural Technology equipment and interpret digital diagnostic data.

  •  Approximate cost $70 with items ordered by student/school

  • Windows PC running Windows 10 Required

  •  Free Software downloads

Precision Agriculture Techgronomy Diploma

HRT 1700

Producing Horticulture Crops

Learners research and assess food and ornamental field crop production markets, locations, materials, and processes to achieve a sustainable enterprise.

  • Seed package $10 to be added to invoice and mailed directly to the school address

  •  Approx. $40 additional supplies to purchase.

Horticulture Technologist Diploma